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Technické kontroly a plynové revize

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Technical inspections and gas checks of forklift trucks (VZV) are an important part of the maintenance of this equipment. They are the key to ensuring safety, optimum performance and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.  

Technical inspections of forklift trucks  
To ensure the reliability and safety of forklift trucks, it is important to carry out regular technical inspections. The main objective of these inspections is to identify and prevent potential technical problems that could affect the safety and functionality of the forklifts.  

What do we find out in case of technical inspections?  

  • The condition of tyres, braking systems, steering and other mechanical components.  
  • Check the condition of batteries, wiring, lights and other electrical components.  
  • Inspection of hydraulic mechanisms, including lifting and tilting systems.  
  • Inspection of collision detection and avoidance systems, warnings and other safety features.  Gaseous Inspections of VZV  

Gas revisions apply to forklifts that are powered by gas fuels.
These inspections are designed to check safety features, leaks and proper operation of gas systems. 

What do these revisions involve?  

  • Checking gas systems for leaks and ensuring that gas systems are not compromised in any way and are not leaking gas.  
  • Checking combustion quality and adjusting the gas mixture for optimum performance.  
  • Ensuring that safety valves and shut-offs are functioning.  
  • Checking appropriate certification for the use of gas fuels.  

Technical inspections and gas audits are key steps to ensure worker safety, optimal operation and compliance with legislative requirements relating to handling equipment. 

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